Charity Requests

Tiburón Golf Club selects only a few community and charitable partners to channel available resources and volunteer efforts. This enables us to have the greatest impact in helping to develop sustainable solutions to pressing needs in our communities. Therefore, we are only able to support a few of the many worthwhile donation requests we receive that are outside our charity partnerships. With this in mind, please find below our Donation Request Guidelines:

  • Organizations seeking donations must be able to provide details that they meet the necessary local standards for a charitable organization; in the U.S. they must be a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit.
  • Priority will be given to organizations fostering growth and development of the immediate Collier County and Lee County areas.
  • All donation requests should be sent in writing or submitted via the Tiburón Golf Club website's Charity Donation Request form. We do apologize that we are unable to provide any donations to faxed, emailed or phone requests. Please complete the online charity donation request form and provide a copy of your Charity Event Flyer.
  • Please state the purpose for the request and how it will be used (i.e. fundraiser, auction, etc.).
  • Please note we are able to provide donations for live auction usage only. Donations will not be made for online, internet, e-auctions, email auctions, eBay auctions, etc.
  • All requests must include a direct contact person for the organization/group represented, address and daytime phone number.
  • Requests must be received with a minimum of 45 days advance notice of the event. We receive an enormous volume of requests and must allow time for our Donations Committee to review each one.
  • It is Tiburón Golf Club Company’s policy that charity groups, event planners and marketing organizers disclose, as part of the donation request, if they have solicited and received a donation for the fundraiser from WCI Communities and provide details of the donation.
  • No individual or personal requests will be considered.
  • Organizations must be using the donated item(s) to raise additional funds for a non-profit organization. We cannot fulfill requests where the donated items are being used for recognition, incentive or general prize/raffle purposes.
  • Due to the significant volume of requests we receive from educational and religious institutions, as well as politically driven organizations, we are unable to meet requests for items to donate to fundraisers for individual private/public schools, religion-based organizations and institutions, and political action committees or political-sponsored fundraisers or events.
  • We can only make one donation to a specific charity per year.
  • We are unable to support advertising or sponsorship requests.

If your request does not meet all of the above-stated requirements, unfortunately we are unable to process your request.

If your request meets all of the stated requirements, please submit the below form or a written request for consideration by the Donations Committee. Send written requests, containing the information requested above, to the following address: Tiburón Golf Club, Attn: Donations Committee, 2620 Tiburón Drive, Naples, FL 34109.